Hisspanel- och skylttillverkning till hissföretag

We design and produce signs and buttons for elevator signage

The function of the elevator is simple. It should move one or more people vertically. Although the function itself is simple, today’s modern elevators are at the same time very complicated. In order for the use of the lift to work in the best way, the buttons and hands of the lift must be as clear as possible. This is where we come into the picture.

We design and produce elevator signs and buttons that simplify the use of the elevator. This is something we have been doing since 1980. If you want to buy an elevator panel in Stockholm or some other type of elevator product, you have come to the right place. We are not only experts in store signs , we are experts in all types of signs.


You can order floor pointers and elevator panels from us

One of the first aspects we take into account when designing elevator products is how the elevator should be used and who should use the elevator. After all, these factors affect what the design of the elevator’s panels, floor indicators and buttons will look like. We always communicate with our customers to ensure that all parties are heading in the same direction. Some of the questions that can affect the design are:

  • Will your elevator panel need buttons both high and low?
  • Should the lift be usable by all or only authorized persons?
  • Do you have special requirements for the appearance?

When you turn to us to order floor planers and elevator panels, we can also ensure that these products fit perfectly into the rest of the elevator interior. Our elevator button agency and our own metal engraving department take care of all design needs in elevator signage.

A large selection of buttons and panels

For more than 35 years we have been providing buttons and signs for elevators. We have helped companies throughout Sweden to easily order floor quality and Elevator panels of high quality. Our range consists of buttons and components from both well-known SCHAEFER GmbH and also other manufacturers, such as Safeline and Digisign.

In addition to our standard range, we can also customize and manufacture various elevator buttons and panels based entirely on what you need. If you want an elevator panel with special characters, we can both manufacture and engrave it for you. We also draw all the details in 3D / Cad and have the opportunity to create stylish presentations for our customers’ clients.

To order a lift panel or other lift-related products, contact us. We take on all types of challenges.

Other orders & questions are made and asked to: hiss@holmquistsign.se

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