Since 1980 Holmquistsign has been a producer of elevator panels and tableaus. One of our bigger client is Hydroware with customers in over 50 countries all over the world. This means that we deliver solutions to a majority of the Swedish companies within this field, and we also export products to small and big elevator companies abroad. Our speciality is to adjust, construct and develop tableaus with a personal and unique design, and our different innovations have become the standard for all modern elevator companies of today. But this doesn’t stop us from continuing developing our work with the function and design of the tableaus. Besides this we also deliver decorated sheet metal, polished and brushed gold chrome and other versions of structure steels for interior and elevator COPs.

In older properties and buildings, tableaus of brass might be a more fitting solution, and you can always contact us for constructions of this kind. We use a milling machine to do this and use fonts that are typical for the time when the house were built. We produce approximately 25 000 elevator panels during a year, and we also have the agency for selling buttons from Schäfer – all of the highest quality. If you have any questions about our elevator services, contact: Read more about our different elevator products. HISSKYLTAR

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