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Design your signs for facades, entrances and company logos through Holmquistsign, a brass sign company in Stockholm. Contact us for more product information.

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Brass is a classical and popular material. This metal is known for it’s gold shimmering features and is a common ingredient in modern interior design. Brass signs are often used as facade signslogo signsentrance registers and name signs.

The classical version of a brass sign is brightly polished and gets refurbished on a ongoing basis, after installation. With England as a good example, it is of high importance for many companies and stores to keep their brass signs well polished.

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A small selection of our brass signs

We have been manufacturing brass signs since 1937. Here you see a small selection.

Good to know before ordering a brass sign

Holmquistsign can produce brass signs in many shapes and sizes. if you’re interested in a engraved sign we recommend the usage of black color. This will result in a very efficient and nice contrast. We can also oxidate the brass, to give it a older, chipped look.

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