Material For Sign Production

The selection of sign materials are wide and can be varied in many ways. Following is a description of the materials we use on a daily basis:


  • Brass – A classic material that sends out a retro feeling. Can be used in the production of exclusive signs and this material is also possible to oxidate, brush, polish or varnish.
  • Aluminum – A very light material that comes in many different structures. Besides this aluminum is also reusable and, because of this, an eco-friendly material.
  • Copper – A classic and lasting material that shows that proves courage and that shows that you want to be noticed. These types of signs can have an antique look or be brightly polished, but needs to be maintained.
  • Bronze – Another classic material that is also very strong and lasting. A bit more exclusive and marks that the sign will stay posted for a long time.
  • Steel – Can be used for bigger constructions and also to produce signs, but this material needs to be processed.
  • Stainless steel – A lasting material which is both strong and sustains even the toughest weather.

Other materials

  • MDF – A material that is commonly used for indoor solutions and and is a good choice for both simple and more advanced sign types. MDF can be varnished in different colors and it can be either milled or engraved.
  • Foam – A good material if you’re looking for a temporal and cheap solution. A very light material.
  • Acrylic glass – Lasting and exclusive. Can be used in many different ways and can be varnished, flanged, lightened and printed.
  • Laminate – Is mostly used in production of marking and information signs.
  • Wood – Comes in many different kinds, but we recommend that you try some of the environmental certificated woods. Wood can be varnished, waxed, oiled and printed.
  • Glass – A lasting and eco-friendly alternative with high usability. Can be laser engraved, printed, varnished and laminated.

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