We are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified – We think about the environment!


  • Our premises are heated by district heating
  • We use cars that run on diesel and ethanol
  • 2013 we became ISO 14000-certified
  • Telge Energi – 100% pure electricity and KRAM-labeled.

The objective of the environmental work at Holmquistsign AB should be to always minimize our environmental impact, and do so by:)

  • Choosing the material with the least energy-intensive manufacturing process to our ISO14001Reg-Col sign production.
  • Choosing paint, plastic and wood with the minimum impact on nature
  • Choosing wood from non-endangered species
  • Taking environmental impacts into account, when choosing method of transportation
  • We sort all of the waste and material before recycling it

By clicking on the link below, you can read more about our quality and environmental policy:

1.4.1 Kvalitetspolicy New 9001 – 2015Environment- and quality policy

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