HTL is a new hotel chain, which was founded in 2013. We had the great honor to manufacture the signs to their first hotel located at Kungsgatan in Stockholm. For this job, we have used a number of different types of signs, materials and colors, and the outcome was really good.

If you have any questions regarding these signs, what material we used etc. please send us an email at: 

Photo: Nicke Jacobsson

Milled 3D logos, 15 mm aluminum, painted white:




Excised symbols and letters in white opal acrylic:



Led light in excised acrylic:






Printed Art on lacquered MDF:


Printed map on glass painting:


Orientation signs in a corridor: black lacquered aluminum, numbers and symbols:




Coated aluminum plate with illuminated corona:



Coated aluminum plate with tactile milled text: