To facilitate shopping in the mall Mood Stockholm, we have together with B & B has produced different types of signs. The owner gave our signs following ratings: “The most beautiful signs in Europe”, which of course feels great to hear.
Below you can see the enamel signs, embossed logo engraved signs and lamell paintings outside entrances.
The main sign is more than 5 meters high.

If you have any questions regarding these signs, what material we used etc. please send us an email at: 

8E6A6444 8E6A6450 8E6A6457 8E6A6461 8E6A6469 8E6A6471 8E6A6496 8E6A6502 8E6A6508 8E6A6530 8E6A6564 8E6A6573 8E6A6584

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