On behalf of the design agency The Kitchen, we have manufactured all interior signage at Octapharma and their new headquarters in Sweden, which is located at Hornsberg in Stockholm. Octapharma is a biopharmaceutical company available throughout Europe, with headquarters in Switzerland.

The theme for the signs are copper plate that has taken a variety of forms. We have made great bent copper numbers as orientation signs, smaller cut copper symbols referring to the rooms and toilets, small room number plates in engraving laminates and various bent copper paintings to the elevators in the building. In addition to copper, we have used materials such as brass, stainless steel and aluminum.

The signs associated Bistro restaurant brewery in the building are made of aluminum which has since been painted. We have also made a nearly 2 meters high “B” in welded tubular construction of the restaurant. Besides the signs to Bistro Brewery we have made beer labels and contrast markings on the glass.

Altogether, we have installed 200 signs.

If you have any questions regarding these signs, what material we used etc. please send us an email at: sales@holmquistsign.se 

Photo: Nicke Jacobsson

































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