In a study conducted by the US courier company FedEx, 67% of respondents stated that they had ever bought a product or service simply because there was a sign that caught their interest. In addition to this, 50% thought that a sign in poor quality with, for example, misspelled words could make them opt out of a certain store, shop or other type of business. A majority of consumers felt that the signage affected their perception of a product or service.

A brand is not just about a nice logo, but about the whole experience the customer has in contact with the brand. The image that the customer perceives is called image, and is built up with the help of everything from product packaging, shop fittings to the staff’s attitude. In this, signage can play an important role as in many cases it can be the first thing a potential customer sees. It is also an effective way for companies and organizations to communicate their identity. The following are some of the benefits of signposting efficiently and thoughtfully:

The first impression
Most businesses use signs of some kind, if only to show where they are. But the versatility of signage and its function as a marketing tool should not be underestimated. As previously mentioned, a sign is often the first contact a customer or consumer has with a brand, and it is thus also your first chance to make a good impression. Today’s consumers have become accustomed to meeting different marketing messages and navigating through well-known symbols and colors. Here it is important to think through your signage to ensure that you create the right associations with your target group.

Visibility He
who is not visible does not exist. Today, it is even more important to stand out from the crowd to capture the target group’s attention. All businesses use different methods of marketing, and whether it is printed matter, TV advertising or signage, these must be adapted and integrated to reach customers. However, marketing does not stop working just because customers have found you, but should continue to communicate your brand even when they are inside your door through things like interior design, price tags and door signage in offices .

Your signs become part of your brand’s identity and can be used to communicate different messages and values. Office signs or hotel signs in brass can, for example, create associations with quality and tradition. Wooden signs can in the same way feel natural, rustic and warm. Your signs can thus be used together with your interior to create a special impression that is linked to your brand.

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